Tocino…what happened?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I made my very first homemade Tocino last week. Since I got here in US, I have been practicing how to cook since I definitely know that I suck in this field. Yes, I am terrible in kitchen; I can do simple cooking like frying but other than that, count me out.

So, since I was craving for tocino for the past few days and with a friend recommendation, I did make one for my self. Unfortunately, the pork that I used doesn’t have enough fats so I made a mistake. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be. I should have used pork that has a fat. Well, maybe next time, I will be able to perfect it and will show you how to cook it.


nancy said...

hello there Mae, thanks for dropping by.

If i may share, i have my own version of tocino too. i simply use tender loin or chicken meat and then marinate it with tocino mixes, sqeeze some lemon and add a little amount of sugar and that's it!

amiablemhaze said...

thank you for the information..i sure need it :)